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Missouri Is Not Kansas

We are seeing anti-LGBT policies and laws implemented in states that are all too close to home. As you may already know, Kansas shamefully removed employment protections for their LGBT state workers, Arkansas passed a bill that prevents cities from enacting their own laws to protect LGBT people from discrimination, and West Virginia just passed a similar bill out of committee that would take local control away from cities. Missouri is no exception. Just in the past two months, we have seen five bills pop up that threaten the quality of life for LGBT Missourians. 


Pressure Building to End Trans Exclusions Under ObamaCare

Before the end of 2014, PROMO urged Missourians to consider supporting a complaint that urged the United States Department of Health and Human Services to end exclusions under Obamacare for transgender folks. The complaint highlighted the individual story of a Missourian who experienced the effects of these exclusions, first hand, when he was approved to receive a marketplace plan. Hundreds of Missourians weighed their support to this complaint in hopes of ending basic health coverage exclusions for an already marginalized community. 


As Marriage Equality Advances, LGBT Advocates Press to End Discrimination in the Workplace, Housing, and Public Accommodations

On January 26th, PROMO, alongside 30 state-wide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups from Georgia Equality to Basic Rights Oregon and beyond, will launched #DiscriminationExists, a week-long education campaign to highlight the fact that despite recent victories for the freedom to marry many states still need to update their laws to protect LGBT people from discrimination.


Moving the Mountain

I’m excited to be writing about the beginning of the new session. You will still hear from A.J., and now some of your Jeff City updates will also come from me, Kyle. The 2015 legislative session commenced with the usual celebrations and pomp and circumstance that marks another year PROMO will be working to make the lives of LGBT Missourians fairer. The past election brought many new faces to the legislature with four new members of the Senate and 43 new members in the House.


Southwest Missouri Health Systems Add Critical LGBT Protections

Over the past several months, PROMO has worked closely with 47 Missouri hospitals, that have included 105 new LGBT welcoming policies to their own internal policies. In Southwest Missouri, PROMO has worked closely with CoxHealth on updating its LGBT welcoming policies, after policy changes occurred at Mercy as well in 2014. 


Beginning of Session

It is that time of year … again. That time after the the start of winter, after the holidays, after the new year, and after everyone goes back to work with new resolutions and goals. It’s that time of year that isn’t on anybody’s radar, but arguably is one of the most important - if you care about affordable healthcare, good roads, and a higher quality of life that is. Yes, the Missouri Legislative session has begun and 197 legislators from all corners of the state will decide the public policy that will intimately affect you and your family.  PROMO will continue our efforts to pass the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) which will protect LGBT Missourians from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation. In addition, we are fighting to protect LGBT youth from bullying with the Safe Schools Act which will help school districts implement effective and inclusive anti-bullying guidelines. 


Hiring Development Director

PROMO Fund, PROMO, and PROMO PAC, collectively known as PROMO, seeks a Development Director. The Director implements the annual fund development plan, including identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship for individual giving, corporate and foundation support, events, major gifts, and special appeals. Supervises gift processing operations and fund raising reporting.   



The first time I heard someone shout “Stonewall was a riot,” I was sitting in a lecture hall during my first year at college. I was super excited to hear from people who actually took the streets during Stonewall, so I was more than a little annoyed when a group of activists interrupted the introductions and began chanting about the lack of diversity on the panel. As they were ushered out, someone yelled that they should be ashamed of themselves. 

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