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Our Commitment To You Missourians

Our Commitment To You Missourians

The core of PROMO’s work is an ambitious goal: achieving equality for ALL Missourians. In 2016, we saw incredible progress.

To name a few:

  • Defeated 16 anti-LGBT bills, including SJR 39, a bill that could have amended our state constitution to allow businesses and social services to deny services to same-sex couples
  • Worked with state agencies on incremental change, like updating protections with the Missouri Housing Development Commission, ensuring protections for LGBT renters and contractors
  • Created, dedicated to educating and supporting transgender Missourians
  • Trained hundreds of health providers and business leaders in LGBT cultural competency

The work to ensure equality for LGBT Missourians is often met with hesitation, skepticism, and even attempts to make this progress purposefully difficult or impossible. When PROMO works toward equality in Missouri, it means we are looking to secure progress and protections for LGBT Missourians. But so much of that also means working to maintain the security we already have. It means not moving backwards and stopping proactive discrimination.

Since the election, we have received a flood of calls from people unsure of what will come next in Missouri and across the country. We know you are concerned. We know you fear what some of these changes in leadership may mean for our community. One thing you need not fear for even a moment is our commitment to full equality here at home.

We have had much success in recent times, but that comes after decades of tireless work and years of setbacks. At PROMO, we know how to continue to work even when the political winds shift. This is why we stay prepared, dedicated, and connected with one another. With every set-back, we have an opportunity to reaffirm our collective purpose to create a state and country that reflects our values and our priorities.

We don’t say this because we have differing views than those who were elected. We acknowledge that members of our community have a diverse range of views on key policy matters. We say this because change often brings uncertainty and questions. In reaction to marriage equality and the ever-increasing efforts and wins for transgender equality, we expect to see discriminatory actions and policy continue.

We remain committed to this work more than ever. This commitment matters, and your support of PROMO matters.

As we wrap up our 30th year, PROMO continues to be rooted in the same values it had at its founding: equality, inclusion, collaboration, and compassion. We apply those values to our work as PROMO becomes ever more adaptive, diverse, and impactful – no matter how unsure the landscape becomes.

In 2017, PROMO commits to:

  • Defend equality and defeat anti-LGBT bills and actions in Jefferson City 
  • Maintain and update to provide transgender Missourians and allies with access to education, resources, and policy information
  • Further increase our intersectional work to partner with and stand alongside communities of color, older adults, and other local and statewide communities
  • Using the data collected in our 2016 Show-Me You Survey, develop and implement a strategic plan to address the most current needs of LGBT Missourians, including expanding our training and resource programs
  • Expand our SAGE programming to LGBT older adults in more areas of the state, delivering important support and referral services
  • Launch a new website at with focus on a personal, interactive experience to help you find the resources, information, and support that is most important to you

As you know, we have made great progress toward our vision of equality for all Missourians, but there is much more to do. Please consider renewing your support with an end of the year gift dedicated to PROMO’s mission today. 

With each step towards equality, we choose love over fear. Progress over defeat. Determination over hesitation. PROMO will remain your constant.

Thank you for your partnership in this pursuit.

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Steph Perkins

Steph joined PROMO as the Southwest Field Organizer in 2008 and was the Deputy Director from 2011-2015. In the fall of 2015, Steph accepted the position of Interim Director of PROMO. In February of 2016 Steph accepted the position of Executive Director of PROMO.>Originally from Overland Park, KS, Steph comes from a large, Jewish family who are also active in their communities. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Sociology and Religious Studies from Missouri State University, where he was active in student organizations and with the administration on campus. Steph now lives in St. Louis with his wife, Amanda. You may contact Steph at

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