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My Final Day(s) With PROMO

My Final Day(s) With PROMO

I originally joined the PROMO Team in August 2012 as a PROMO PAC Political Intern, campaigning for LGBT-supportive candidates across the region. From there, my internship position continued to grow, developing events for PROMO and supporting communications strategies during legislative session. In May of 2014, I began working for PROMO full-time doing both fundraising and development, as well as community organizing and legislative work, evolving into the Senior Field Organizer position at the beginning of 2016.

After four and a half incredible years with PROMO, I will be stepping down from the Senior Field Organizer position and moving onto a new position as the Organizing and Policy Associate with NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. I will take the experience that I have gained with PROMO as both an intern and as an organizer into making Missouri a more equitable state for ALL Missourians, and I am excited to continue this work with NARAL.

My work as an advocate for LGBT equality does not end with me leaving PROMO, nor does the work we have accomplished together. Whether we are talking about LGBT equality or advancements in reproductive health, all of our movements and our work intersects with one another. I am excited to continue to grow as an ally to the LGBT community within my future work.

Before I move on, I ask that you consider making a donation to PROMO today. Since joining the PROMO team, we have worked to defeat a number of anti-LGBT proposed bills, update hundreds of policies in order to make hospitals and health networks more LGBT inclusive, as well as work with local communities in order to update their local nondiscrimination ordinances. And this critical work will continue. Your gift today will help PROMO continue to make Missouri a more inclusive place for you and the rest of the LGBT community.

Thank you to the PROMO Team and to the supporters and volunteers who shared this work with me and gave me the opportunity to grow within these movements. I will see you in the community, marching in the streets, and talking to legislators in Jefferson City.



P.S. Are you interested in joining the PROMO Team as the Regional Field Organizer? Apply here today!

Kirstin Palovick

Kirstin Palovick is the St. Louis Regional Field Organizer and Development Coordinator with PROMO. During her time at PROMO, Kirstin has worked on improving community education around legislative action, public outreach in local municipalities, and increasing intersectionality and coalition partners throughout the region. Within the development role, Kirstin has worked primarily on helping PROMO's three major fundraising events - Urbanaire, the Bountiful Brunch, and Trivia Night - evolve each and every year to highlight the primary needs and purpose of PROMO's work within Missouri. Currently, Kirstin is pursuing her Master in Arts in Public Policy at Saint Louis University. You can contact her directly at


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