How Equality Day Has Helped Kill Hundreds of Anti-LGBT Bills Since 1990 in Missouri

By Kirstin Palovick

October 4, 2016

Each year, PROMO hosts its biannual Equality Day in both February and April. Equality Day gives equality supporters the opportunity to talk to their legislators about pro-LGBT legislation, including the Missouri Nondiscrimination

Act, as well as anti-LGBT legislation, such as SJR 39 during the 2016 legislative session.

PROMO’s first lobby day, however, was 26 years ago when PROMO was formerly known as PREP, Privacy Rights Education Project. In 1990, just four years after PREP was formed, one of the first organized LGBT lobby days took place in Missouri. Through these annual lobby days and additional legislative actions, equality supporters and partners have worked to defeat hundreds of anti-LGBT bills over the past 26 years, as well as pass pro-LGBT legislation, including the updates to the Missouri Hate Crimes Statute in 1999.

And that work continues today. As we approach our 27th year of lobby days, put Tuesday, February 14th and Wednesday, April 19th on your calendar as we head to Jefferson City to lobby our legislators about why nondiscrimination protections are detrimental to the LGBT community in Missouri.

To support Equality Day and our work at the Capitol, please consider a gift to PROMO.