Why Equality Day?

I oftentimes hear from equality supporters, advocates and allies, “What can I do to make a difference? How can I make my voice be heard?” 

Both of those feats can be accomplished at PROMO’s annual Equality Day, this year scheduled for two dates on Tuesday, February 16th and Wednesday, April 20th. At Equality Day, your voice will be heard by several legislators, helping to make a difference in creating a more inclusive, equitable Missouri.

Equality Day brings together champions of equality to work alongside one another and speak with state legislators about why they support the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act to end discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations, as well as speak against legislation that directly oppresses Missouri’s LGBT community. This year alone, we have seen four bills introduced infringing upon the rights of the transgender community and using the restrooms appropriate for their gender identity.

Although we have multiple organizations, coalition partners and lobbyists working each and every day in the Missouri State Capitol, legislators want to hear from YOU. They want to hear from their constituents that their actions and decisions personally impact each and every day. They want to hear your stories, your experiences and your understanding about why passing the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act is important in protecting the LGBT community and making Missouri a more equal place for ALL. 

I certainly hope you will consider joining PROMO and several of our coalition partners for our annual Equality Day. Even though we are physically present in the Missouri State Capitol each week of session, it is your voice and your partnership that will help make everlasting change in Missouri.

To register, click here.

See you in Jefferson City!

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