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View All Supporters of LGBTQ people, including non-LGBTQ allies as well as those within the LGBTQ community who support each other, for example, a lesbian who is an ally to the bisexual community.

Anti-LGBTQ Bills

View All Unfortunately, anti-LGBTQ bills are introduced by lawmakers during legislative session of the Missouri General Assembly each year, between January and May each year. Check out more information on these.

Conversion Therapy

View All Conversion therapy, sometimes referred to as “Reparative Therapy," “Ex-Gay Therapy,” or "Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE)," is a widely discredited, harmful practice that attempts to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Hate Crimes and Violence

View All According to the FBI, a hate crime is a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” Both Missouri and federal hate crimes laws include LGBTQ people within their definitions. If your life or someone else’s life in immediate danger, contact 911 right away.


View All "The complex, cumulative manner in which the effects of different forms of discrimination combine, overlap, or intersect."

LGBT Older Adults and Aging

View All There are currently more than 2.7 million LGBT older adults, and that number will double in the next 20 years. Ensuring LGBT Missourians can age authentically and with dignity is critical to the health of our entire community. SAGE of PROMO Fund, formerly SAGE Metro St. Louis, gives PROMO a unique perspective on the entire lifespan of LGBT Missourians.

LGBTQ Discrimination

View All Missouri law does not protect LGBTQ people from being fired from their jobs, denied housing, or refused basic services. Many cities and counties in Missouri have protections in place for LGBTQ people. Check out where your community stands and what you can do to help us pass protections for LGBTQ people statewide with the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act

LGBTQ Health

View All LGBTQ Missourians face large health disparities due to discrimination, bias, isolation, and more. In an effort to impact these ever-growing health disparities, PROMO’s journey into the field of health equity started in 2010. Since then, PROMO's healthcare work is a focus of everything we do.

Marriage Equality

View All As of June 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality is the law of the land. If you encounter any obstacles when applying for a marriage license or when seeking 1,000+ marriage benefits, please call our office at 314-862-4900.

Rights and Protections

View All PROMO works to ensure Missouri laws and policies are inclusive of LGBTQ Missourians. As this progress continues and evolves, what are your rights and what can you do?

Safe Schools

View All As a student, you have the right to attend school, take part in class, and be involved in extracurricular activities without fear of discrimination from your peers, faculty, or staff members.

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Missourians

View All Trans-inclusion has always been a focus of PROMO’s work. Our work will continue to be trans-inclusive and trans-specific, from ensuring that gender identity is a core part of nondiscrimination ordinances and laws in addition to sexual orientation, to training hospital staff and agencies on the entire LGBTQ community. PROMO is committed to ending discrimination and violence against transgender Missourians, as well as impacting policies for healthcare and identity documents. Are you a transgender, gender nonconforming, or non-binary Missourian and looking for resources? Check out our resource site dedicated to you.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

View All Is your business inclusive of LGBTQ individuals? Looking for LGBTQ inclusive businesses? Learn more about workplace diversity and inclusion in Missouri.