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After Marriage

On June 26, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5 - 4 decision in favor of marriage equality throughout the nation, allowing counties in each of the states to immediately begin issuing marriage licenses. Missouri was one of 18 states where marriage equality was not legalized statewide that is now complying with the ruling in each of its counties. Though the ruling now gives legal validity to the love between two individuals no matter their sexual orientation, the work towards achieving equality for all Missourians must continue.


Recorders' Association of Missouri Releases Statement Regarding SCOTUS Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

The Missouri Recorder of Deeds Association released a statement today regarding the Supreme Court's decision on Marriage Equality and its clarification of the Fourteenth Amendment. The statement underscores the role of the Recorder, and emphasizes its duty to comply with the court's decision professionally and responsively. The statement also specifies that 25 days remain to operationalize the ruling in Missouri, although Recorders may begin at any time.

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Read the Recorder of Deeds statement in entirety:

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