Couple Denied Access to Wedding Venue in Sedalia


November 2, 2015

Missourians, discrimination is present in many ways in Missouri, and here is just one. Beverly and Rachel, from Raymore, Missouri drove to Sedalia over the weekend to check out a wedding venue. Here is what happened to them, this is written by Rachel:

“So, let me tell you a little amazing story. Beverly and I had planned about a month ago, to go visit the most perfect venue for our wedding. It had the most beautiful lights, and chandeliers–something that you would think came straight out of a movie. We had planned on this place, and even after picking out a date for us to start our lives together, we wanted this place so bad, that we changed our date just so we could get married there. Today (November 1), the time finally came the day to go look at our dream venue. Upon driving down to Sedalia to Heritage Ranch‬, our excitement could hardly be contained. As we arrived at our destination, (name shall be not released), came to meet us at the most beautiful barn we have ever seen. She walked us in and turned on the lights and our hearts lit up. We were sold. It was everything that we wanted. Beverly and I were holding hands like we always do. No one ever said anything. We start talking about bridal suites, and I ask a simple question about having two brides, and how would we do that since they only have one suite; and our hearts sank… you could tell by the look on her face how uncomfortable she was. ‘Unfortunately, we don’t allow same sex couples to get married here.’ I preceded to ask why, and guess what her response was… ‘we are Christian and we don’t….’ at this point i stopped listening and said I think you’ve answered all of our questions. Turned around and walked out. I have never been more insulted in my life.”

The Heritage Ranch in Sedalia, Missouri denied their accommodation to this Missouri couple. Now the couple is left with unanswered questions, and feeling humiliated.

In the state of Missouri, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, and denied access to public accommodations and services (such as Heritage Ranch). This is why we must pass the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) so that ALL Missourians are protected. MONA would simply extend the existing Missouri Human Rights Statute to include LGBTQ people.

Tell the Missouri Legislation that it is time to pass the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act so that Missourians like Beverly and Rachel can be protected from discrimination under law.

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