A+ Aging Advantage

Since 2006, A+ Aging Advantage has been providing excellent care management services to elder individuals in the St. Louis area. Our care managers are knowledgeable about the resources available to the elder individual and coordinate these services and resources on behalf of the elder individuals. A+ Aging Advantage Care Managers can help assess a senior and then develop a Plan of Care that anticipates and plans for future needs. We look at the legal and
financial situation and refer the client to a professional that will assist the senior in getting their affairs in order. Though our goal is to help the senior remain independent as long as possible, that may mean that extra support services are needed such as home care services, nursing services or a change of housing depending on the senior’s physical and mental condition. We
work within the budgetary needs of the senior and will look for community supportive services. 

A+ Aging Advantage
9051 Watson Rd. Suite 331
St. Louis, MO 63126