Kathryn Stinson

There are times when we come to a point in our lives where the stories we’ve been living in about who we are and how our lives are supposed to unfold no longer fit.

Sometimes this happens because of a major life event or trauma. Sometimes we find ourselves in this place because in some way our life experience, sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity does not fit with the cultural narratives that are dominant right now.

I collaborate with people in finding different ways to work with problems and in developing new stories that can better support them in wherever they would like to go next.

Often people who come to see me are going through:
Life transitions
Recovery from trauma
Identity or self-concept issues
Grief and loss
Chronic or terminal illness
Cancer treatment and recovery
Stress & anxiety
Job issues & career questions
Couples experiencing difficulties (including LGBT couples and non-monogamous couples)

Kathryn Stinson
7346 Manchester Rd.
Maplewood, MO 63143