Saint Louis Effort for AIDS

In the very early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, a group of dedicated volunteers realized that the individuals who were dying from complications of AIDS in St. Louis needed support and care. No one knew about this disease, but everyone feared it. The compassionate, courageous care of these volunteers provided the foundation for a new service organization. Working out of a room over a bar, then later in the basement of a church, they funded their efforts by inviting friends into their homes for dinner and asking for donations. Drag shows and other events further supported their funding efforts. Then, in 1985, with a $6,000 budget, Daniel Flier and John Allen founded Saint Louis Effort for AIDS (EFA) and secured nonprofit status in December of that year.

The mission of these early volunteers continues today in the core values of EFA, and in the programs and services provided to individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We recognize the essential roles of compassion and education in preventing the spread of the disease and encourage everyone to learn their HIV status. If they test positive, we will connect them with resources to help them learn to live with the disease.

EFA continues to honor our history and aggressively renew our mission of providing education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and comprehensive support for those who are affected by the disease. We invite your involvement in this important mission. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Saint Louis Effort for AIDS
1027 S Vandeventer Ave #700
St. Louis, MO 63110