Stephen Wade Baker

Hello, and thank you for visiting my professional profile! My name is Stephen W. Baker, M.A. and I am Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Troy, Missouri. My ideal client is anyone looking to explore personal growth, change and engage in the counseling dynamic as a whole. This is a very basic summation of my counseling approach, yet it is very accurate as to how I practice in the field of professional counseling. With that said, I always provide services within my scope of practice to the highest ethical standards.
I generally work with teenagers, adults, and couples. I have experience working with client concerns such as, depression, general and enhanced anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, injury concerns, career exploration, relationships and substance abuse.
I have a passion for the creative side of life and tend to infuse aspects of writing, journaling, bibliotherapy, art, music and poetry into various aspects of my practice.

Focus on lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients.