Find Your Missouri Legislators

PROMO works to build and maintain strong, productive relationships with elected and appointed officials, in particular those in the State House, State Senate, and other statewide offices.

No matter where in Missouri you live or how supportive your elected official may be, dropping a note, sharing your story, and meeting with your legislator make an incredible difference. This connection makes a particularly strong impact if you live in a smaller city or in a rural environment. If your legislator is already supportive, you can send them a thank you note!

When our LGBTQ community and allies connect with legislators, it sends a powerful message — one that we already know — LGBTQ individuals and supporters live and work in every county of the Show-Me State.

Find your legislators here.

Learn which Missouri legislators are filing pro-equality and anti-LGBTQ bills below. Don’t see your legislator sponsoring a pro-equality bill? Ask them to co-sponsor!